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Write for Us Health: From the last years write for us is working for encouraging and promoting readers and visitors by submitting some articles for the other website which was usually written on the health topics like nutrition, fitness, holistic health, medical blog and some else. At this time, we mainly focused on the health sector.

Write for us- what is all about?

Health + “write for us” is unique source that works to enhance other website globally by providing best off services. At this time, we mainly focused on the health community and works to submit authentic informative articles with the aim of providing legist information to other people on a particular subject. We usually submit those articles that were made on the topic of fitness, nutrition, health, holistic health, medical blog and some else.

What we want?

Actually, we want some guest contributors that have huge encouragement to write best off articles. Health and fitness + “write for us” is a globally known site and because of this we want best off work whether that is articles or whatever. So if you have lots of skill of writing best quality articles then contact us and get starts to write some articles for us. This is like a golden opportunity for everyone because here you can enhance your writing skill and you can grab huge experience about this factor. So, if you have courage to impress the reader by your articles then be connect with us.

Short guidelines for our guest contributors

You have to maintain these guidelines while making any articles for write for us because we usually demand those articles that follow these guidelines: –

  • Length of an article

The minimum length of one article is 1000 words exclude the spaces. You are not allowed to reduce down the 1000 words limit.

  • Make every article unique

Every article that you will send to write for us, that should be unique. You have to prepare every article in best format and use right grammar and should free from copied contents.

  • Own Imagery

You have to use some images that are relevant to the topic. These images will definitely gives amazing looks to your article and you have to add at least 4-5 images in every article.

  • Don’t add any copyrighted content

The main guideline that you have to maintain that, you have to avoid using any copyrighted contents to your article. You have to show your own talent so because of this adds only those contents that were prepared by you. If you ever add or write any those content which is already published anywhere than your article will become automatically suspended.

  • Description

You have to give one Meta description in every article that was in 160 characters along with the spaces. This description is quite necessary in every article.

  • Author Bio

You can also give your author bio in every article. This step will definitely work to spread your popularity in among of whole world if your article was formed in best manner.  

  • Also avoid adult content

We want only those contents which were made for everyone in the whole population. Using of adult content in the article will lead to reduce the reader numbers of our articles. So, don’t use any adult and spam content in any article.

  • Be original in every article

As we said that don’t ever use any content in your article that was already published anywhere because this step will become result that your article will become ignored and suspended too. So, don’t use even a single word of copyrighted words. Use copyscape tool before you mail any article to write for us.

Final words

You have to maintain all these guidelines whatever is stated earlier. Kindly pay more attention to this works because this steps will definitely gives you best off chances in future and who knows that you will become so popular and demanded in this sector. So, be focused and grab lots of future opportunities.

If you still want any clarification or information regarding this work then feel free to make contact with us. We will become really happy to help you.

Our contact details: –

Email – [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

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